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2013 - Swanage Railway - Corfe Castle - Secundus

Today’s blog post is the final report from a visit to the Swanage Railway and is of a remarkable narrow gauge locomotive that can be found on display at Corfe Castle Museum.

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BR Standard 4MT Tank and other Swanage Railway Stock

2013 - Swanage Railway - Swanage - BR Standard class 4MT - 80104Today we almost round-off the report from last week’s visit to the Swanage Railway, with a few pictures of BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4T 80104 and other stock, including brake vans and cranes.


Rebuilt West Country Pacific 34028 Eddystone

2013 - Swanage Railway - Norden - Rebuilt West Country class - 34028 EddystoneOur “stead” for the day whilst visiting the Swanage Railway was the rather magnificent rebuilt West Country Pacific 34028 Eddystone.


Diesel Power

2013 - Swanage Railway - Swanage - class 08 - 08 436 - D3551 & class 20 - 20142

Whilst at the Swanage Railway on the 13th April, I noticed that there were many diesel locomotives to be seen, many of them visitors as it was the day after the line’s diesel gala.


Gallery of Views of the Swanage Railway

2013 - Swanage Railway - Norden to Corfe Castle - Rebuilt West Country class - 34028 Eddystone

The Swanage Railway runs a short but very picturesque route from Norden to Swanage, passing through the magnificent Corfe Castle (above) and Harman’s Cross.


M7 Tank 30053 – Lined BR Black (late crest)

2013 - Swanage Railway - Swanage - Ex-LSWR M7 class - 30053 (BR lined late crest)

Earlier in the week, I had the pleasure of visiting and traveling on the Swanage Railway in Dorset with Mrs Locoyard and as is always the way; there will be much coverage on the visit in the next few days. 


The Swanage Railway

With the exception of a very brief mention, the Swanage Railway has had very little coverage at Locoyard, for the simple reason that I’ve seen far too little of it.  The Railway runs from the seaside town of Swanage to


Epilogue – A New Hope

Most of the readers of the Locoyard blog must be very confused that the final part of “my journey in becoming a steam enthusiast” involved me giving up being an enthusiast and finishing the final part in an overly melodramatic fashion!  How could that possibly be the end of the journey?  Well, in short, it isn’t


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