SMRS Exhibition 2013 – Part 2 – Patterdale North, Millford and Knockley Gate

Following from part 1 (click here to read); today we look at three more layout’s that were to be found at Southampton Model Railway Exhibition 2013.

Patterdale North – 4mm scale, 00 gauge – Anthony Buffin, Southampton

2013 - Southampton Model Railway Exhibition - Patterdale North

This 00 gauge layout is loosely based on the west coast between Blackpool/Preston and Fleetwood.  It is influenced by Anthony Buffin’s experiences of watching football club trains hauled by class 31’s, 37’s and 47’s between Manchester and Liverpool

Millford – 4mm scale, 00 gauge – Woking Miniature Railway Society Modellers, Surrey

2013 - Southampton Model Railway Exhibition - MillfordSet on LNER in the late 1940’s; Millford a small terminus located near the Yorkshire/Lancashire border.  There are many details on the layout and the back-scenes are particularly effective.

Knockley Gate – 7mm finescale, 0 gauge – Ian Pope, Oxfordshire

2013 - Southampton Model Railway Exhibition - Knockley GateKnockley Gate is an interpretation of what a line extended from end of the Oakwood branch line to connect with Coleford may have looked like.  The layout is a representation of how the Midland and Great Western jointly purchased Severn & Wye & Severn Bridge Railway would have looked like post-1894.

More blog posts will be published on other layout’s to be seen at SMRS Exhibition 2013…  Click here for Part 3!