Life is a Box of Chocolates (Factory Steam Locomotives)

Life is a Box of Chocolates (Factory Steam Locomotives)

I was looking at the BBC news website when I stumbled upon this interesting piece of news about a steam locomotive that used to work at Fry’s Chocolate Factory. The locomotive was never said to had been scrapped, but it was found that it was in a shed in Essex.

One of the workers of the factory used to travel on the footplate, and was curious as to where this steam locomotive had got to. It is now at the Avon Valley Railway, and the boiler is the last thing left to tackle before she will be steaming again after four years of restoration by Volunteers.

From the BBC;

“A steam engine used at Fry’s Somerdale chocolate factory at Keynsham, near Bristol, in the 1920s is being restored after it was found by a former factory worker.

In its heyday, thousands of people worked at Somerdale, which was originally a joint venture between Fry’s and Cadbury.

The Sentinel Shunter moved cocoa, sugar and chocolate around the factory but was retired in the 1950s.

It took five years to track the old engine down to a shed in Essex. but it is now being restored by volunteers at the Avon Valley Railway.”

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3 thoughts on “Life is a Box of Chocolates (Factory Steam Locomotives)

  1. Interesting post, my pet railway the gwsr of course began with a Cadbury steam loco all those years ago, would be wonderful to see it back again, I think it’s at tyesley at the moment near the turntable not doing an awful lot.


    • I love the industrial locomotives quite a lot and thought this was a great story to share. If you have information, pictures about that Cadbury locomotive, I would be happy to write up an article about it. Would love to see her back in operation.


  2. I don’t know an awful lot about it, way before my time at the railway, way before I was born in fact! I think I’ll go investigating though as to what fate it has befallen it though, perhaps I’ll write something up if I find anything interesting…

    Now though, time to write up the GWSR gala…


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