A Mayflower in Eastleigh

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On Wednesday I was able to quickly stop by Eastleigh to see this weeks Dorset Coast Express. The locomotive originally scheduled was one of my favourites, 34067 Tangmere but due to her latest incident she was replaced. The next locomotive on the schedule was 60009 Union Of South Africa. This A4 class does not come down south very often so I was very excited to see her and rearranged a meeting to ensure I could get to Eastleigh to see her. But it wasn’t to be and she was replaced by a fellow ex-LNER designed locomotive, Thompson B1 class 61306 Mayflower. In my rush to get my jobs done I also didn’t charge my camera so all my photos were taken on my iPhone, so it wasnt a complete disaster. As much as I would have liked to have seen the A4, Mayflower is always a treat and she’s far more unusual than the Black 5’s we had for most tours last year.

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    • Hi, in terms of areas around the New Forest I cant say I know many to be honest I know ‘Test Lane, Southampton’ is a good spot but I tend to stay this side of the Southampton Waters. I would suggest having a flick through flickr as railway enthusists tend to share there locations. In terms of tracking mainline tours the best website is “http://www.uksteam.info/tours/trs15.htm” which lists every mainline tour in the UK. Hope thats of some use to you.


  1. Having football club photography responsibilities I’m fortunately drilled in keeping my camera batteries charged. I think your phone has done a good job in the difficult circumstances.

    I hope to catch some steam during the autumn, but we don’t get enough of it in Norf Lundun 😦 Good Hunting 🙂


  2. I saw Mayflower come through Upwey at full pelt disappointed it was not the A4 but my attempts to video failed as my iPhone storage was full!


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