Watercress Line Autumn Steam Gala 2015

Mid Hants Railway Spring Steam Gala 2015 Ropley - LNER A4 Class 4464 Bittern & 850 Lord NelsonThe Watercress Line’s Autumn Steam Gala promises to be a fitting way for the railway to commemorate its 150th anniversary.  The three day event runs from this Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October 2015 and therefore a perfect time to begin a half-term break!  The Mid-Hants Railway plans to run no less than four visitors on the railway over the three days, supplemented by four members from the home fleet.

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Copyright Paul Biggs Photography – http://paulbiggs.zenfolio.com/

LMS Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 No 46521 is visiting from the Great Central Railway.  Ivatt’s 2MT moguls (unlike his 2-6-2T) were very rare visitors to the south, making its visit this weekend all the more interesting.

Watercress Line Autumn Steam Gala 24 October 2015 - LMS Hughes Crab 13065


Hughes LMS Mogul ‘Crab’ No. 13065 will be visiting from the East Lancashire Railway.  Finished in crimson red, 13065 will certainly be an unusual sight in a southern location and is likely to attract much attention!

Mid Hants Railway Spring Steam Gala 2015 Ropley - LNER A4 Class 4464 BitternLong term visitor LNER A4 pacific 4464 Bittern in what may be its last runs before withdrawal from overhaul is a very popular machine that adds some glamour to the line-up.  After all, this is the fastest steam locomotive in preservation!

2013 Great Spring Steam Gala - Watercress Line - Medstead & Four Marks - Ex-LSWR T9 class - 30120

Ex-LSWR T9 class 30120 has been diverted from its return from the Swanage Railway to the Bodmin and Wenford Railway to appear in this gala.  30120 is a member of the National Collection and for many years was based at Ropley.  The graceful 4-4-0 will no doubt be a popular addition to this event.

Watercress Line BR standard class 9F 92212 demonstration goodsBR Standard 9F 92212 from the home fleet represents BR Standard class engines.  These 2-10-0’s are mighty machines!

Mid Hants Railway Spring Steam Gala 2015 Ropley - Ex-LMS Black 5 45379

What gala is complete without a Black 5?!  Resident 5MT 45379 is another addition to the LMS-contingent.

2014 Autumn Steam Gala Watercress Line - Approaching Ropley - Southern Railway 4-6-0 850 Lord Nelson - Cunarder headboaResident National Railway Museum owned 850 Lord Nelson will be running its last gala before withdrawal for overhaul.  We do not know at present what will happen to this powerful 4-6-0 after it is withdrawn, so it’s worth making a trip to see it in steam.

Watercress Railway 2014 Ropley Christmas Santa Specials - BR Standard 9F 92212

For more information, including the timetable, please go to the railway’s website by clicking here.

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