071 2015 - Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway - LMS Class 11 7120

Class 11

One of the things that a tour of Haverthwaite engine shed reminded me of was that our railway heritage is both complex and interesting.  The star of the shed was arguably Charles Fairburn‘s large 2-6-4T 4MT steam engine 42085, whilst a diesel shunter at the back of the shed the opposite end of the glamour spectrum!  Although…

2015 - East Lancashire Railway - Bury Transport Museum

Bury Transport Museum

Located in the Castlecroft Goods Warehouse opposite the entrance to Bury Bolton Street station of the East Lancashire Railway, Bury Transport Museum is a real gem. The museum has plenty to offer and a great place to learn about the history of transport in the industrial north west of England. 

2015 - East Lancashire Railway Bury Bolton Street - WD Hunslet Austerity 132 Sapper edit

Canopy Project

During my recent visit to the East Lancashire Railway, I couldn’t help but notice that platform 2 at Bury Bolton Street Station had a semi-complete station canopy.  This is a result of the railway being in the unfortunate situation of paying contractors Robert Horne Group subsidiary, Paperlinx, £18,000 a day before the company went into…


New Build 2-6-4T

Good evening, Tonight we are looking at the latest news coming out of the LMS Patriot team who are currently building 45551 The Unknown Warrior. The LMS-Patriot Company is pleased to announce its intention to build a new Fowler 2-6-4T, once 45551 ‘The Unknown Warrior’ is up and running. The new tank engine will feature…