Capturing history with lines and curves

Tonight we have a very special guest blog post from a fantastic artist, Stephen Bedser.  Stephen has previosuly written for LocoYard about how he came an artist who specialises in heritage scenes (click here) and he is nowly kindly agreed to write a mini series looking at how he does his paintings. I would strongly…

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Guilford Museum - Guildford 00 scale model railway - southern 1930s (half roundhouse - Hornby Q1 class C8 ex-SER Neilson crane tank)

Guildford 00 Scale

You may recall that, prior to having a reality check; I had grand plans for a new model railway.  My plans have downsized somewhat since then and a mini-project is budding, if still someway from blooming.  Despite that, one potential large project that is on the “possibly might do in the distant future” list is…

Bachmann BR Standard 3MT (Locoyard Royal Train)

A Different Point Of View

With the principles of project planning in mind, my train of thought (if you excuse the pun) has continued in it’s lateral thinking.  A new thought came from an excellent blog post from Albion Yard (please visit here) that put across very well the concept of having a train that does something and.or go somewhere…

Merddin Emrys at Dduallt

A weekend in Wales

Originally posted on Penlowry:
Merddin Emrys at Dduallt Well house sorting took longer than expected (what a surprise!) so I haven’t achieved anything on the modelling front. However, I did manage to make a visit to the Ffestiniog Railway for the Vintage Weekend. I was fortunate enough to be rostered as a brakesman on both…

Another view of the two tampers


Originally posted on Penlowry:
I have a thing about tampers. They’re weird enough to be interesting. And once you understand how they work, the detail differences become interesting too (honestly!). I worked on a tamper once. I took on the job of designing the regauging of one when the Welsh Highland was being built. The…