Spa Valley Railway Tunbridge Wells West 75F - August 2015 (14) RSH 62 Ugly - Vulcan Austerity 72

75F Update

The Spa Valley Railway boasts something that is a little unusual – an original engine shed.  Indeed it is the only original LB&SCR steam shed still in operation.  Some of the locomotives based on the railway proudly wear their 75F shed code, as can be seen on the front of the class 33 pictured above.


Re-opening the Railway Line between Matlock, Bakewell, Buxton and Manchester A petition has been started to re-open the railway line between Matlock, Bakewell, Buxton and Manchester. Writing to the Transport Minister Patrick Mcloughlin, it states that there would be an economic boost to the era, and would remove vehicles from the road. On the Change.Org page it states; “A feasibility study was carried out in…

2009 - North Yorkshire Moors Railway - Grosmont - class 24 - D5061


A new potash mine is to open near Sneaton, which in itself is quite remarkable, being the first to open for forty years.  As part of the new development, Sirius Minerals are required to pay significant developer contributions to mitigate the transport impacts of the new site.  This will provide a very useful £4.5 million…

Kent and East Sussex Railway Tenterden August 2015 (10) BR SR USA Dock Tank 30065

American Character

There’s no doubt that steam locomotives originating from different nations have big differences in style and design.  British locomotives are relatively compact, especially compared with American steam engines.  There were differences in style and engineering practice between nations, plus differences of loading gauge (the UK’s being very narrow) that also no doubt made a big difference to the…