Here you will find links to poll’s conducted on Locoyard.com

Closed poll run from 4th March 2013-5th May 2013 to find the most famous steam locomotive

The Most Famous Steam Locomotive’s – final blog post

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Special thanks for pictures from Rowan Jackson (70013 Oliver Cromwell & 502 Flying Scotsman) and Christopher Sutcliffe (4468 Mallard and 92220 Evening Star) of UK Heritage Hub (Click here to download and read it) plus Thomas Barnes (3801), Nick Littlewood (6000 King George V) and Simon Martin of the British Railway stories (60114 WP Allen).

Closed Poll run from 7th Jan 2013-7th February 2013 to find the most popular colour that 60163 Tornado has been painted in.

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Click here to read an assessment of this poll (results below):

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