Movember 2012 at Locoyard – The Results

The level of support for Movember 2012 on Locoyard has been beyond all that I imagined and every entry has been fantastic.  All of you who contributed should know that

Christmas Photo Competition 2012

Today is the last day for you to submit your Movember competition entries.  It is also the first day of a new competition; one for anyone out there who likes to take photographs of railways!  Click here or on the picture below for more details!

A Promise of Good Things to Come

  Tomorrow is the last day for entries for the Locoyard Movember competition.  All entries received so far have been excellent and it has been so great that it has been supported so well.  Although tomorrow is the last day of the Movember competition, it will also mark the first day of

Train Set Buying Guide 2012

This guide is designed for anyone looking to ask Father Christmas for a steam train set this Christmas and would like a little advice.  Unfortunately, train sets are not given much of a look-in by the model rail press, so hopefully this guide goes some way to plugging that gap.  The reviews are based on…

Santa Special!

As we come towards the end of November (and not to mention Movember), we approach December and Santa Special season.  This is’s first Christmas season and as with many seasonal events, we will be celebrating here!  “And how?” I hear you ask – well we start 1st December at 6AM (GMT) with day 1…