A Promise of Good Things to Come


Tomorrow is the last day for entries for the Locoyard Movember competition.  All entries received so far have been excellent and it has been so great that it has been supported so well.  Although tomorrow is the last day of the Movember competition, it will also mark the first day of a new Christmas-themed opportunity to have your content published on Locoyard, which has to be better than just my usual ramblings! The only clue to what this will be I will divulge at present is that this time it will involve the real trains.

On top of this, from 1st December there will be an Advent Calendar blog post every morning until the 24th December.  All you will need to do is click on the Locoyard engine shed doors, to reveal a new picture… Of course, this time there’s nothing else to see, but from the 1st December there will be!

  In the next few days/weeks we shall be publishing more model reviews (the clue to two of these are in the pictures in this post.)  In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy Movember and look forward to revealing more tomorrow!