Recreating preserved N class 31874 and Merchant Navy 35027 Port Line

Today’s post shows two models that started life with different identities.  Both were re-numbered and re-named by Modelmaster decals/brass nameplates (  My experience with using Modelmaster’s decals has always been very good and I thoroughly recommend using them.  In the case of Port Line, the cab numbers included a green blanking patch.  The nameplates are excellent and a worthwhile improvement over the usual plastic transfers as is supplied by Hornby.  Whether you wish to re-name or not, it is certainly a worthwhile upgrade.

I’ve also re-numbered other loco’s and I shall get round to showing you all of these in time.  However, I’ve started with these two, as they regular runners on the layout and two of my favourites (both prototype and model!)  As with all resident loco’s, they are both DCC fitted.  In the case of the N class, this is a little tricky (it is not DCC ready), but not too difficult.  There is an excellent guide at