Digital Command Control (DCC) Guides

DCC Decoder Fitting Guides:

Bachmann S&DJR 7F 88 DCC Fitting Guide (1)

The Yard is digitally controlled and for this reason, the most common operation performed in the locoyard works is fitting DCC decoder’s to locomotive.  Wherever possible, guides are posted each time and these are linked to this web page.  Note that these guides explain how I have installed decoders and are shared to offer some advice.  There are other methods of installing decoders and we take no responsibility for any damage to your model or equipment.

Hornby - standard 0-6-0 chassis type 7 motor - DCC fitting guide - class 08, J13, J52, J83, Jinty, GWR 2721, 57xx, Duck, Diesel, LBSCR E2, Thomas the Tank Engine - decoder

Bachmann Locomotives:

Bachmann SECR C class

Bachmann GWR Collett Goods class 2251 (DCC Ready Version)

Bachmann GWR 49xx Hall

Bachmann GWR 45xx Small Prairie Tank (DCC Ready version)

Bachmann Fowler 3F Jinty (DCC Ready Version)

Bachmann Fairburn 4MT 2-6-4T class

Bachmann Ivatt 4MT 2-6-0 class

Bachmann SDJR 7F 2-8-0 class

Bachmann LNER A1 class (60163 Tornado)

Bachmann Austerity 8F 2-8-0 (non DCC Ready)

Bachmann BR Standard 4MT 4-6-0 class

Bachmann BR Standard 9F Class

Bachmann BR class 08 Diesel Shunter (non DCC Ready)

Locoyard - Hard-wiring DCC Fitting Guide (diagram 2)Hornby Locomotives:

Standard 0-6-0 chassis:

BR class 08 diesel shunter
Midland 3F Jinty
GWR open pannier class 2721
GWR 57xx (discontinued)
LBSCR E2 (discontinued)

Thomas the Tank Engine & friends:

Hornby ex-LSWR M7 class

Hornby GNR/LNER Gresley N2 class

Hornby BR Standard 7MT Britannia class (loco-drive tender-mounted DCC decoder version)

Hornby BR Standard 8P Class 71000 Duke of Gloucester

General DCC Guides:

DCC Joy! Double Headers…

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Splitting Headaches and a Split Chassis – a bad combination (or why split chassis DCC conversion is VERY Hard!)

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DCC Stay-Alive – is it as good as it sounds?

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