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As you may know, November has become known to many as Movember.  Movember has become an increasing popularity campaign and is a simple way of raising awareness and funds to promote men’s health; particularly raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancer.  For men to take part in Movember they start the month with a clean-shaven face and end it with a moustache.  Not a goatee or a beard, but a moustache!  Women can support the campaign by encouraging the men in their lives to grow a moustache.  Locoyard’s Thomas the Tank engine take’s part in Movember by sporting a moustache for the month and your model train can do the same!

This is all it takes to add a temporary moustache to a model or toy…

Step One – Roll a tiny amount of blue-tac into a moustache shape.

Step Two – Paint The moustache (only paint one side) and then wait for the paint to dry (or you’ll end up with paint on your train, as I did!)

Step Three – Stick it On!

Thomas the Tank Engine Movember at Locoyard (After)

The Movember competition is closed.  Due to reduced popularity in 2013, the competition will not be held in 2014, but you are more than welcome to make a donation to the cause (please click here to donate.)

2013 Entries:

Gary Ruming – pictures taken on ‘Jack’s Corner’

Locoyard 2013 Movember Competition Entry - Gary Ruming (Jack's Corner)

Simon Shutt from Brookes Castle


Click here to view Movember 2012 Entries

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