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Locoyard works

All blog post articles linked to improvement’s, maintenance, restoration and creation of locomotive models will be linked to here, with the exception of DCC fitting guides, that have their own web page (click here).  This web page is currently under development.


92220 Evening Star detailing project

Hornby Railroad – BR Standard 9F – 92220 Evening Star

Blog Posts:

The Youngest

9F Evening Star – adding a little more detail

92220 Evening Star Detailing update (Hornby Railroad)

Bachmann Lord Nelson super detail

Bachmann – 850 Lord Nelson

Blog Posts:

Lord Nelson DCC Fitted and improved

Improving Bachmann’s Lord Nelson

Hornby Pug 56038 (2)

Hornby – ex Caledonian Pug – 56038

Blog Posts:

Super Detail Hornby Pug

Locoyard 2013 - Hornby - LBSCR E2 class - 100 - 1st Anniversary train (cab)

Hornby – LBSCR E2 class – 100

Blog Posts:

Sheffield Park Static Display (Models on display part 2)

Locoyard’s 1st Anniversary!

Hornby Terrier W11 Newport with Golden Arrow extended bunker - SR black - brass nameplates (5)

Hornby/Dapol – A1X Terrier’s – 3 Bodiam, W11 Newport & 55 Stepney

Blog Posts:

A1X Terrier 55 Stepney, hauls another Branchline Service

The Oldest…

Terrier A1X Isle of Wight Bunker Extension

Step 4 - apply new transfersBachmann – BR Standard 9F class – 92212

Blog Post: Recreating BR Standard 9F 92212

Golden Arrow SER 01 Kit (1)

Hornby/Golden Arrow – SER 01 class

Blog Post: Track Work, Kit work and a new friend

Bachmann N Class 1824 (2)

Bachmann – N class (1824 & 31874)

Blog Posts:

Recreating N class 31874

A Good ‘N!!

N is for Naughty! Bachmann N class misbehaving

Hornby 6100 Royal Scot

Hornby – 6100 Royal Scot

Blog Post: Royal Scot visits the yard

Mainline 56xx 6619Mainline – 56xx 6619

Blog Posts:

A Classic Western Story

56xx 6619, looking up at the coaling tower… (models on display part 3)

Hornby 70004 William Shakespeare Golden Arrow (5)

Hornby – BR Standard 7MT Britannia class – 70004 William Shakespeare

Blog Post: Gild the Golden Arrow

Hornby super detail Schools class V - 925 Cheltenham (1)

Hornby – SR Schools class V – 925 Cheltenham

Hornby Schools Class Front Bogey Misbehaving

Hornby LSWR T9 120

Hornby – LSWR T9 class – 120

Fixing the Hornby T9

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    • Many thanks! Yes, all my own efforts on this page, although many others have made contributions to this website, plus some blog posts are produced directly by UK Heritage Hub (UKHH). We are always on the lookout for new content for this website and/or UKHH ezine, so you are very welcome to get in touch if you would like to publish anything heritage or model railway related.

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