Happy Easter 2013 from Loco Yard!

Easter 2013 has proved to be much busier than in 2012 at Locoyard, with two important freight deliveries arriving today. 

Gallery of Non-Runners!

Tonight’s blog post is a little unusual!  To fill in some of the blank spaces in the “Loco Models“ page, I’ve taken a few pictures of ongoing and future projects that could add some variety to the Locoyard fleet!  Enjoy!

Eurotrack International Exhibition 2013 – Roundup

Today we finally wrap up looking at the International Exhibition of Model Railways 2013, starting with a brief mention of the model railways not covered previously. Unfortunately due to time constraints I was unable to capture more than glimpse of some of these layouts, so this is literally a whistle stop tour!

The Science Museum

It was a visit to the Science Museum in London that sparked the quest to find the most famous steam locomotive (click here to read more).   However despite that, there had yet to be a proper article on the three locomotives to be found there, so here (at last!) it is!