Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific is the oldest surviving Merchant Navy class in preservation and over the years has become the most featured locomotive on Locoyard.

From September 2013 “Simon’s journey into the world of Volunteering” series started after he began volunteering on the 8P rated beast. The popularity of the series inspired other CanPac related posts such as a brilliant article by Dave Wilson about CanPac’s 105mph run in the 1960s.  From July 2015 to July 2017 it became Dave’s turn to get involved, through becoming Project Supervisor of the Canadian Pacific project.  Since this time, progress has continued thanks to the hard work of volunteers and staff working to get CanPac steaming for 2019.

Here we have links to various blog posts that include a mini series looking at her from the days as a chain driven flat top, rebuilding and her life in preservation.

Simon’s journey into the world of Volunteering

Taken by Alre Images

Simon’s volunteer diary entries chart his involvement in the stripping down and inspection of Merchant Navy Pacific 35005 Canadian Pacific.  Not only that but they have left Simon saying that “If you are thinking about getting involved any of form volunteer work I do highly recommend it.”  These fantastic blog posts show why he says this and give insight into what it is like to get involved on the ground.

6th May 2015 – Diary Entry 12 

10th February 2015 – Diary Entry 11

19th November 2014 – Diary Entry 10 – One Year Special 

9th July 2014- Diary Entry 9

11th June 2014 – Diary Entry 8

18th March 2014 – Diary Entry 7

3rd February 2014 – Diary Entry 6 

6th January 2014 – Diary Entry 5

12th November 2013 – Diary Entry 4

4th November 2013 – Diary Entry 3

14th October 2013 – Diary Entry 2

23rd September 2013 – Diary Entry 1

History Posts

Due to the popularity of the volunteer diaries it was decided to do a series of posts looking at the history of the locomotive from her construction as a spam can, rebuilding under British Railways and her life after withdrawal and preservation.

Part 1 – The Spam Can Years
Part 2 – The Rebuild
Part 3 – The Preservation Years

Tender 3116: Tale of Canadian Pacifics Tender

 Canadian Pacific – Record Holder

Dave Wilsons brilliant account of his time as a fireman on the day Canadian Pacific broke several speed records and reached her highest ever recorded top speed of 105mph.

Other posts

Full Steam Ahead For Canadian Pacific And The MHR

The successful news that the Mid Hants Railway was successful in its grant application with the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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