Simon’s journey into the world of Volunteering – Entry 6


Nigel Kendall

Following the bad weather the South of England is having at the moment I thought this photo of Canadian Pacific in the snow was well-suited. In the horrendous winter of 62/63 35005 thunders up through New Milton with a Bournemouth to Waterloo 2-hour express. The steam effect is enhanced by another fast-disappearing Merchant Navy on the westbound ‘Bournemouth Belle’.


The view between the middle and rear drive wheels.


Part of the Sander pipe work for the rear driving wheels.

This was my view for several hours this week as I spent the afternoon removing the sander pipes from inside the frames. Rather bizarrely it was easier to remove the nuts inside the frames than on the outside. We are preparing to remove the cab and boiler from the frames which means removing all the various pipe work and running plates that are on the locomotive. It was a very dirty but fun job and I also have learnt that there is no way to get under a locomotive in a graceful/elegant way.

IMG_0341Just a couple of the pipes I removed.

In the end I was able to remove all the sander pipe work which was quite a lot in the end. This begun in the cab, spilt off and went to the front of each of the main driving wheels. The sander pipe work for the front driving was particularly hard to remove as there wasn’t much room to move around. There was still a bit amount of sand in the pipe work so every time we removed a section some fell out. We still have lots of lubrication lines to remove which will be horrible job for someone.

IMG_034335005s removed boiler tubes

Whilst I was gone the boiler has been completely stripped and all the boiler tubes have been removed and is ready to be lifted. Just need to finish the prep work, remove the rest of the piping and running plates and find somewhere to put it all. In order to do the lift the locomotive will need to moved under a crane which would require pushing her about 20 meters forward.

IMG_0349The future is looking bright for the beast.

Before we can start restoring  Canadian Pacific we need to raise the funds.  This is where we still need your help. As I have mentioned before the boiler work is alone expect to exceed £100,000 so anything you can give will be gratefully appreciated no matter how small you think it might be.

Please click here to contribute towards the fund via secure online payment.

Download the appeal form.

Both links take you to the Mid Hants Railway Website which is where you can find out more information on how you can help.  Thank you.


Nigel Kendall

If you work or volunteer in the railway heritage world we would love to hear you from you. The variety of volunteers is mind-boggling from cleaners to drivers, wagon crew to carriage carpenters, working on miniature railways to mainline express locomotives, from the UK around the globe to Australia – the world of railway preservation is huge and we would like to like to hear from any of you who would like to share your experiences!  Support is at hand if you need it, from discussing content to proof reading and it’s all done for free!

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