Looking for Camelot

Can anyone spot what’s missing from the above picture?

Answer – the nameplate!  Unfortunately I noticed today that Standard Arthur 5MT 73082 Camelot has lost one of its nameplates.  I’ve been unable to find it anywhere, though like most things that are lost, I’ll probably find it when I stop looking for it!

This Bachmann model is a nice model that runs smoothly and silently.  Its’ pulling power isn’t a great and it would benefit having pick-ups from its tender wheels, but overall I’m happy with it.  Fitting a DCC chip was awkward – not from the point of view of space or fitting (it comes DCC ready), but in terms of dismantling it.  Tip for those who attempt it – follow guidelines on: http://trains-of.blogspot.com/2007/12/bachmann-standard-5mt-disassembly-dcc.html

The picture below show’s M7 class 357 and N15 736 Excalibur.  Note the M7 does not have sandboxes on the splasher.  Those who read my previous post will have noted that I had to remove this from the Dapol Terrier.  This I can claim no credit for however and is a result of versatile modern tooling on Hornby models.

The engine shed is a built Metcalfe kit; which I highly recommend.  I decided to leave off the chimneys when I built this so it would look a little more like the Bluebell Railway’s Sheffield Park shed.  Although Sheffield Park doesn’t have what looks like a tropical rainforest in the background!