Bulleid flushglaze complete!

Today I carried on where I left off yesterday by completing the flush glaze windows to the other side of the Bachmann carriage (incidentally, I forgot to mention that this is a corridor/open brake).  Again this took a lot of time, in fact my thumb is aching now as I type!  Overall I’d estimate it takes 7 hours to re-glaze a coach.  The results are good on today’s side and ok for yesterdays.  There certainly is a knack to glueing glazing that I hadn’t quite got yesterday.

I’ve published above the finished two car Bulleid set with flush glazing throughout; composed of one open 2nd and one corridor/open brake in BR Malachite Green.  Ideally I’d have a few more of these Bulleid carriages, as they are such a distinct and important Southern coach.  But I’m not going to purchase and re-glaze any until at least early summer, just in case Bachmann decide to re-tool (please do Bachmann!!)  Even then, my layout is so small that anything more than a 2 carriage train looks out of place, so it should be fine for now.  Plus there is the new push-pull sets from Hornby and Kernow on the horizon; which (finances permitting) I hope to acquire.

I’d be happy to hear what you think about the finished result and of any of your stories of  fitting of flush-glazing.  Until the next entry, happy modeling everyone 🙂