Bulleid Rolling Stock upgrade…Flushglaze, the old fashioned way

Today I have been working intensively on one of my rolling stock projects – fitting flush glazing to a Bachmann Bulleid carriage.  When complete it will form one of only two Bulleid carriages in the fleet.  And today I was reminded of why that is!  The Bachmann model looks very dated without fitting SE Finecast flush glazing and in my opinion it is a necessary job.  Fitting the glazing doesn’t make it as good as a modern rtr model (such as the Bachmann mark 1 and Hornby Maunsell) but closes the gap considerably.

Flush glazing is a laborious task, requiring precision cutting and glueing.  The culmination of almost 3 hours work has lead to one side being complete (see featured photograph).  The other side will be tackled when the glue is dry and when I have time (and when I’m in the mood!)

Meanwhile, Fairburn tank 42096 has been pulling two mark 1’s.  In my opinion this is the best performing model in my collection – it is smooth, quiet and powerful.  A fantastic model I wouldn’t be without.