The Power of the Merchant Navy Class

One of my fondest steam train memories is watching 35027 Port Line pull out of Sheffield Park station in 1995.  This locomotive didn’t stay at the Bluebell Railway, as they found it too expensive to run, but it’s shear size and power left a lasting impression on me that would last a lifetime.  I’ve included a picture below I took at the time – not a great photograph (my excuse being that I was a lot younger at the time!), but a great memory.

Port Line is now under overhaul at the East Lancashire Railway.  It’s new home is far away for me, but I’m very pleased that it will be in steam again in the future, hopefully influencing others as it did me.

It’s memories like these that lead us to run the loco’s in model form and Hornby’s model is fantastic as it captures the raw power and size of the prototype.  For that reason I am now sitting back and watching Port Line, in 00 scale, running on my layout.  I’d love to hear from anyone who also appreciates this fantastic locomotive, whether in real or model form and in the meantime I wish you all a Happy Weekend!

6 thoughts on “The Power of the Merchant Navy Class

  1. Bought my daughter the British Pullman VSOE set for Xmas, and we had fun setting it up today.

    Wonderful to see “Clan Line” chugging around the simple layout; haven’t had my hands on a model for years, great fun. Have ordered some detailed Pullman carriages to add to it, in the Hornby sale.

    thanks for a great site.


  2. thanks; next plan is to get converted to DCC – is the decoder install an easy job? And what decoder to go for… regular, Sapphire, or a non-Hornby one? Lots of research to do… 🙂


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