My first Blog ever…. exciting (for me at least!)

Well, this is as good a time as any to talk a little about me and (fortunately for you!) more about my layout and collection.

As for me, my interest in steam engines started; as these things usually do in my childhood.  I was brought up near the Kent and East Sussex Railway and it is that influence I blame for occasional temptations to freelance and not always respect liveries and eras.  I had a large 00 scale model railway collection that I would run when I could, on a chipboard on the Dining Room table.

I came back to model railways shortly before becoming engaged to my wife and I’m not sure why, but it seems that once you’re back, it is for good!  By and large I sold my old collection to replace it with the much better modern models.  The only survivor is my first ever model, Thomas the Tank Engine!

It took some time to take the plunge and build a layout, but I finally did in 2011 after receiving a Hornby Select for my birthday.  I wanted to go straight into DCC for (perhaps?) the opposite reason that most do.  Space was and is at a premium and I found DCC gave me the flexibility to have lots of locomotives on a small board.

The layout itself is a simple oval, which crams in a large “loco yard” (hence the name) with a goods shed, a station and even a tunnel.  It is by no means finished.  Over the next few days I will show you different parts of the layout and update any developments, but in the meantime the picture above should whet your appetite.

My “home” fleet of locomotives all are Southern machines, ranging from a pre-grouping terrier through to a mighty re-built BR Merchant Navy class.  I do have other engines in my collection that “visit” the line from time to time, with others just displayed in a cabinet.

Rolling stock includes Maunsell, Bulleid, Mark 1 and Pullman’s that I hope to expand it with push-pull and 4 wheelers.  I do also have some old GWR Celestories and tucked away some old LNER teak’s.  There are a few goods wagons, though not nearly enough.

So that’s it for now!  More details are to follow!