Christmas Photo Competition 2012

Following on from the Locoyard Movember competition, in December 2012 we asked Locoyard followers to submit up to two winter-themed photographs taken by themselves of real (not model) railways.  The pictures need not be of trains, but needed to be at least taken in at least in a railway setting – it may be a log fire in a booking office, a Christmas tree on a platform, snow on a sign… the options are many!

1996 - Austerity Sunset

Pictures were published at 4PM on Christmas Day and were simply fantastic!

The pictures submitted can be found here.

One thought on “Christmas Photo Competition 2012

  1. My favourite photo was the 3rd one. They’re lines in the composition which made me gaze into the photo and there’s a sense of anticipation for the trains to whizz by.
    Photospotter reporting for duty!


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