Aspergers Flyer Educational Society

Header The Aspergers Flyer Educational Society (formally The Asperger’s Fundraiser) was set up by Oliver Morgan, who wanted to promote awareness and raise money for Aspergers. The charity runs trains on heritage railways and has been going strong since 2013, with 2014 pushing forward in new directions. All news and updates will be posted in Loco Yard, by Jonathan Malton (1306mayflower) and will be listed here as an archive of the charity.

Charity 12Please visit and Like the Aspergers Flyer Educational Society page on Facebook (click here!)

Asperger’s Fundraiser October 2014 Update; What a Way to End the Year!

Asperger’s Fundraiser; New Month, New Railway!

Asperger’s Fundraiser: Next Stop; NYMR & Midland Railway Centre

Asperger’s Fundraiser: Next Station; Kirklees Light Railway

Asperger’s Fundraiser April 2014 Update

The Asperger’s Flyer; We Need Your Support!

Asperger’s Fundraiser; A Year of Fundraising. First Stop: Keighley and the Worth Valley

The Asperger’s Flyer; Leaving from a Station near you!

Asperger’s Fundraiser; Going on a Summer Holiday!

Asperger’s Fundraiser; An Update

The Adventuring Autisticman and Cancer Carer – Trains for UsFlyer 17

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