Locoyard - Hornby Stanier Ex-LMS Black 5 5MT 44932Welcome to Locoyard!  This website is an ever-changing and regularly (usually daily) updated blog for those interested in Heritage Railway and Scale Modelling.  It is provided free of charge voluntarily for the love of it!  It started life in January 2012 as a simple blog of model and steam railway enthusiast Dave, but since then things have moved on at a fast pace.  Locoyard works in partnership with UK Heritage Hub (who are fast becoming a massive presence and network of Heritage Rail) and now has many authors and contributors.

The Locoyard team is currently composed of:

John Anthony – Contributor (Retired Locomotive Driver)
Alex Caulfield (gwsralex) – Author (Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway Volunteer)
Dave Deane (locoyard) – Locoyard Website Editor and Author
Rowan Jackson (ukheritagehub191) – UK Heritage Hub Editor and Author
Nick Littlewood – Contributor (Vintage Railway Artwork Enthusiast)
Jonathan Malton (1306mayflower) – Author (Enthusiast and videographer)
Simon Shutt (Simon – Brookes Castle) – Author (Enthusiast and Watercress Line Volunteer)
Shirl Turner (fireboxchaser) – Author (Enthusiast, viseographer and volunteer support crew member for 6024 King Edward 1)

Please note that there have also been many other contributors in the past and we are very grateful for their input.

Although we work with many partners already, we are always looking for more.  If you feel that you would like to share your experiences and are involved in heritage rail in any way, we will be delighted to hear from you. Please make use of the contact page!

Locoyard super detailed Hornby LBSCR E2 tank 100 (shunting)

I hope you enjoy your visit to Locoyard.  Please note that all content is copyrighted and not to be reproduced without permission, but that said we often say yes so please ask!   Please feel free to both get in touch and also stay in touch.  The best way to do this is to follow us directly by email (don’t worry, this is free!), but you can also keep track on twitter (@LocoYard) or on Facebook.  However and whenever you follow us, you’re always very welcome at Locoyard!

All the best from the locoyard team,

Dave Deane

April 2014

Locoyard - SDJR 3F Jinty 23 meets 7F 2-8-0 88


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dave
    As you’ve guessed I have had a quick look at your Blog and am impressed, something I should perhaps do. I too sway between era’s having loco’s both pre and post 1948.However like you I do attempt to maintain an area which in my case is around the Sheffield / Manchester / Wath / Doncaster area which forms the base of my model railway, so my loco’s are all GC / LNER of which most I have built from white metal kits beginning in the 1960’s with a K’s O4. I run a DCC layout being a conversion from a Cab Control DC layout.
    One observation, I note you made reference to Hornby’s decoders and that although cheap the wires must be handle VERY carefully otherwise they detach from the board. I would highly recommend TCS T1 or TCS M2 decoders, although more costly plug into a harness thus making hard wiring a dam sight easier and they are wrapped in an insulating material which is a must for me and finally you can create your own speed curves.
    I have also hard wired sound decoders to several of my loco’s. You should try it, if of course you can afford the Loksound chips, somewhat pricy.

    Graham (@yellowwellies)


    • Hi Graham,

      Thank you for your comments and your advice on DCC chips, I’ll look into these for future DCC fitting. If you do set up a blog/website please get in touch and I’ll be happy to promote it here at Locoyard.

      Best wishes,



  2. Hi there, just found this site on a search for NICTUN and letting you know the pictures you have published are from Nictun (2k) the modern image version of Nictun Borrud which is the mid 60’s 3rd rail/late steam original version you have titled them.
    Also, I have just created a website for NICTUN (2K) – nictun.co.uk and has more pictures and some of Nictun Borrud it was begat from 🙂
    Fareham & District MRC


    • Hi Geoff,

      Many thanks for the comment and the details of the layout and website. I’ll update the details recorded here over the weekend and will also have a very good look through the pictures!

      All the best,



      • Hi Dave

        Thanks for the swift reply, it is not until you do a search for a specific name or thing you find all these websites like yours which I have to say is good.

        I have only just got into this web site thing and using the hosting site building program and templates to build a basic site. It seems to do though for what I want.

        If you want any of the pics from the site let me know and I will send them as the web ones are only small low quality ones.




      • Hi Geoff,

        The website is updated now, so it should all be correct. I’ve also added your website to the links page. I had a look through your website, I love the modern image steam liveries, it’s always good to see some real creativity! Excellent stuff!




      • Hi Dave

        Thanks ….It gave the task of adding a page to my site for links ….included yours.

        The BoB in SWT and Mallard in Virgin is from an idea from fictitious liveries.


        The next steamer I am doing is Caerphilly Castle in Colas yellow & lime and badged Colas Castle when I have finished a class 67 in Pullman colours – just got to apply the decals probably now after Xmas.

        Please introduce yourself to me next time we meet at show with N2k or NB we are invited to the Barton Peveral show with our kiddies Thomas layout if your there.




  3. ” THE DUKE OF GLOUSTER”,,,Hi folks,,,,He rolled down the platform at Carlisle Citadel in whoops and skirls, the regal “DUKE”, panting steam about his CAPROTTI fetlocks,,,Now i know very little about “caprotti,s, yet there was i , surrounded by enthusiasts asking how he worked! So being in the hot seat i bluffed and puffed till the left hand “peg “told me to go,,,Arriving at Appleby we were twenty minutes late due to shortage of steam! I checked everything to no avail when a pimperly fresh faced youth said “You know why it won,t steam driver? You are not woking it hard enough”. I flogged the “DUKE” from Appleby and it blew its bloody head off all the way up to Ais Gill summit ,, john.


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