This web page is dedicated to the contributions of GWSR Alex who is a volunteer within the GWSRs Carriage and Wagon department.



Youth volunteering – how I got involved at the GWSR aged 14


GWSR Back to Black Gala 2014

Gloucestershire Warwickshire steam railway “back to black” steam gala

“Back to Black” Turkish 8F 48274

“Back to Black” Black Five 45379

“Back to Black” ‘Manor’ class 7820 Dinmore Manor

Not quite “Back to black” 42xx class 4270

“Back to black” Hawksworth 15xx pannier 1501

Not quite “Back to Black” 4575 class 5542

“Back to Black” ‘2884’ class 3850

“Back to Black” The ‘Didn’t quite make its’


GWSR Posts

GWSR steam gala

Bridges to Broadway share offer

GWSR gala and bridges to Broadway update


Other Posts

West Somerset Railway Problems

Best Laid Plans…

Severn Valley Railways Autumn Steam Gala – Part 2

Severn Valley Railway Autumn Gala


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