Bridges to Broadway share offer



Hello everyone, just a quick bit to plead for money basically.


The GWSR’s bridges to Broadway is aiming to raise £500,000 for the repair of the 5 bridges between laverton and Broadway. so far we’ve got up to £370,000, still a good way off from our target. This share offer has many fantastic benefits, including one which is running out soon, the 30% tax relief benefit will run out at the end of the tax year so if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to buy some shares! Once we get to Broadway the GWSR will be about 15 miles long, and will be steaming into Broadway. For information on the share offer please click here at the bottom of that page is a link to the share document. Also take a look the the blog covering the phoenix like rebuilding of the station, ready for trains to arrive hopefully in 2017 by looking here.


Thank you 😀