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Artist’s impression of Broadway station by Fred Lea

Whilst I’ve been away for exams and holidays and various other things the GWSR’s extension to Broadway has really got a move on. Work has not only started on the bridges, but has been going at an incredible rate. You can view progress on a new dedicated blog here. The work was planned to be finished in November, but is currently ahead of schedule, although I think this is partly due to the necessary road closures for some of the bridges. Although work has begun the share offer is still some way short of the £1/2m target, and whilst the railway does have funds to fill in the gap, it would be a shame if this money wasn’t spent elsewhere on either the station rebuild or even track (yes, track-laying could start next spring!) Below is a picture of Broadway bridge from the loco department’s blog – Ray has been doing a sponsored walk of the whole Cotswold way to raise funds for the station rebuild – donations page here.

The signal box at Broadway is coming along very well, with the scaffolding raised a little while ago as they couldn’t reach the top any more! Work is also ongoing at Wishaw to refurbish the footbridge that’s going to be at Broadway, and a small but excellent step in the rebuild was the addition of the long awaited bracket signal. it’s not hooked up to anything yet but it looks great and shows more real tangible signs of progress. Here’s a picture from the Broadway blog:

So, a summary of all the ways in which you can help fund the extension to Broadway:

Bridges to Broadway share offer with 30% tax relief under EIS

Sponsor Ray O-hara and Tina Sutton walking the Cotswold way

General donations page for Broadway station rebuild

Or you can get involved! For more information either use the contact form on the main website or visit the Station site on either a Wednesday or a Saturday and I’m sure someone will have a chat with you.

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