Cornish Inc


Cornish Inc was set up by Stephen Bedser a Heritage Painter based in Cornwall who’s art depicts scenes of Steam Locomotives, Traction Engines, Classic Cars and old buildings, all lovingly painted in watercolor and Ink. Over the years Stephen has written several great pieces for LocoYard including a great mini series which looks at how he creates his paintings.

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Inspiration for an Artist – A look at the work of Cornish Inc

Stephens Mini Series

Part 1 – Capturing history with lines and curves

Part 2 – Steam flowing with watercolour

Part 3 – The detail is in the shadows

Stephen currently has several pieces for sale at  and for more information on the great work that Stephen has done you can find his website at Stephen can also be found on twitter (click here), Facebook (click here) and has a wordpress blog (click here).

Finally, Stephen has been shortlisted in Healey’s Cornish Artist competition.  Please help us support the artist by offering your votes by clicking on the below link:

Thank you!

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