Santa Special!

As we come towards the end of November (and not to mention Movember), we approach December and Santa Special season.  This is’s first Christmas season and as with many seasonal events, we will be celebrating here!  “And how?” I hear you ask – well we start 1st December at 6AM (GMT) with day 1 of Locoyard’s advent calendar!  At 6 o’clock of each morning from the 1st to the 24th December an advent calendar blog post will be published.  By clicking on a picture of one of Locoyard’s engine shed doors, a hidden Christmas themed steam/model picture will be revealed.  Now I know that’s early in the morning, but it needs to be ready for when most of us get up.  Twitter followers naturally will not want to get up early to receive the tweet – so why not sign up for email notifications?

There will still be plenty going on besides the Advent Calendar both on and off the layout; with a visit or two (no doubt!) to a preserved railway to see the heavy children-laden Santa Special trains, such as those shown in these pictures taken on the 10th December 2011 at the Watercress Line.  You may have noticed that the number of model locomotive reviews has been fairly prolific on Locoyard recently – this has been deliberate to help provide a resource for those looking to buy model trains for Christmas.  Thirty one reviews of 00 scale model trains can be found here at Locoyard.  Tomorrow, this will be supplemented by mini-reviews of 12 Hornby/Bachmann train sets; which has and is taking a lot of time to complete!

Last and by no means least is a teaser of something rather exciting!  Movember has been great, not least because of its fantastic cause, but also because it has allowed all you Locoyard followers a chance to have your own input into the website.  So this December, you will also be given a chance to have your input.   Full details about this will be published at the closing date of Locoyard’s  Movember competition, (29th November 2012).  So watch this space!