Planned Future Model Steam Locomotive Releases in 00 Scale

At locoyard we try to keep track of 00 scale model announcements – which change rapidly in these exciting times.  There are many manufacturers and special commissions from different vendors, with announcements made at various events and through different media.  As ever, hopefully this will summary will not be outdated too soon, but I have no doubt that it will!

Midland Region

2012 Watercress Railway - Ropley - Ivatt 2MT - 41312It is fair to say that there are fewer known Midland Region releases in progress than other regions at present.  In the pipeline from Bachmann are two upgraded chassis, first for their Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T (that will give it prototypical motion and valve gear) and secondly from their original as-built Royal Scot 4-6-0 model.  Both will feature DCC compatibility – an 8 pin for the Ivatt and a 21 pin DCC socket for the Royal Scot.

Severn Valley Railway - LMS 2-6-0 2968 at milepost 147-I - 8th April 1995 by Basil RobertsIn fact, as far as we are aware, Bachmann are the only manufacturer developing new midland region models in 00 scale.  Stanier’s 2-6-0 mogul will be appear in model form (with Fowler tender, unlike the example pictured above,) as will LNWR Webb 0-6-2T Coal Tank.

North Eastern Region

Copyright Dapol

Copyright Dapol

There are a plethora of new and upgraded eastern region prototype’s on their way to 00 scale layouts.  One of interest is a super high specification model of the LNER A4 class by Dapol.  This will have working lights, DCC Sound and synchronised smoke – more details can be found on Dapol’s website here.

Hornby Q6 copyright Deco-Sample_1_webThe Raven Q8 0-8-0 was originally announced by DJ Models, but has since been cancelled by the firm due to Hornby including it within their 2016 range at a more advanced stage of development.

B12 8572 - Jonathan Malton

Copyright Jonathan Malton

Hornby plan to release a newly tooled super-detail version of the 4-6-0 Holden B12 Class in 2016.  There has long been an older version of this model, one that desperately needed upgrading!  I’m sure this model will be popular!

Copyright: Locomotion Models

Copyright: Locomotion Models

Locomotion Models is developing a model of GNR 4-2-2 Single No 1.  This model will be built on their behalf by Rapido Trains and is planned for release in the Autumn of 2016.  For more details, please click here.

2014 Autumn Steam Gala Watercress Line - Alresford - DJ Models Hunslet Austerity J94 pre-production sample 00 scaleOne all new 0-6-0 tank engine is in development and a second will receive a new chassis.  The first is the J94 Hunslet Austerity class (including it’s industrial siblings) that is the subject of a forthcoming DJ Models release that is likely to be a big improvement on Hornby’s ex-Dapol offering (click here for the review.)  The Second is the J72 tank engine from Bachmann, that will receive an upgrade with a new DCC (6 pin) compatible chassis.

2013 National Railway Museum York - The Great Gathering - LNER V2 - 4771 Green ArrowBachmann are upgrading a further three eastern region models.  The Gresley V2 class model body from Bachmann will be brought up to modern standards after the model recently receiving a chassis upgrade.  Finally for the North Eastern modeller will be a welcome DCC (chassis only) upgrade for Bachmann’s V3 2-6-2T and J39 class 0-6-0 models.

Southern Region

Hornby unrebuilt Merchant NavySouthern region modellers have recently been blessed with a number of new models and there is more to come. The most recent Southern announcement has come from Hornby, who plan to produce a 00 scale model of the first batch of ten unrebuilt Merchant Navy class locomotives in 2016 (click here to read more.)

1997 Bluebell Railway - Sheffield Park - LSWR B4 class 96 Normandy

Of LSWR origin, Dapol are to produce the LSWR B4 0-4-0T following Kernow Model Rail Centre’s (with DJ Models) Adams LSWR 02 0-4-4T.

There will be two manufacturers producing the LSWR Adams class 415 Radial tank.  Oxford Models have beaten Hornby to produce a 00 scale model of this characterful steam locomotive that is also their first ready to run model.  Hornby’s version is expected in early 2016.


2014 Kent and East Sussex Railway 40th Anniversary Gala Tenterden Town USA Class Southern Dock-Tank 65The final steam engine of southern origin is Model Rail’s Bachmann commission in the form of USA tank 0-6-0T locomotive.  This will be produced in five variants.

Western Region

Hornby King (copyrighted)As with the Adams Radial Tank, there were two manufacturers developing new models of the same class – in this case the GWR King, although in this incidence Hornby have beaten their competitor to produce a version first.  Hornby’s GWR King has received some excellent reviews in the model railway press, so it will be interesting to see how comes out on top with these two new models.  Hattons are working in collaboration with DJ Models, to produce a high-spec new model of the King class.

2013 - STEAM Museum of the GWR - Swindon - GWR 94xx pannier tank Class - 9400Bachmann are working on a distinctive, chunky Hawksworth locomotive to join their Modified Hall in their range – the pannier tank 94xx class.

South Devon Railway (Staverton) GWR Pannier Tank 1366 class 1369 (1)Meanwhile Heljan are working on a different pannier tank, the outside cylinder 1366 class.  As surprising as the 1366 announcement was, even more unusual is Kernow Model Railway Centre’s decision to produce a model of the saddle tank 1361 class in collaboration with DJ Models.

Didcot Railway Centre - 93 Steam RailmotorIn this authors opinion, the biggest wow is that Kernow and DJ Models plan to reproduce the GWR railmotor in 00 scale!  It’ll be interesting to see this being developed over the coming months.

2014 Autumn Steam Gala Watercress Line - Ropley - Ex-GWR 14xx Class 1450Hattons have commissioned DJ Models to produce an updates version of the classic GWR 14xx/48xx/58xx 0-4-2T.  For more info on versions to be produced go to

Also in development is a GWR monster –  Heljan plan to produce a model of the 47xx Night Owl 2-8-0.

Industrial Locomotives

1995 - Wansford - Derek CrouchAs well as the aforementioned Hunslet Austerity, DJ Models have taken the plunge and announced another industrial locomotive in the form of Hudswell Clarke’s 24t 0-6-0ST Locomotive.

Hornby Peckett r3428

Due in late 2016, Hornby are also bringing industrial steam into everyday model layouts with the Peckett & Sons W4 class 0-4-0ST.


Watercress Railway - Ropley - Ransome & Rapier 45 ton Steam Crane DS1580

Bachmann’s 2015/16 range is to include the Ransomes & Rapier 45 Ton steam powered crane.  This should add plenty of interest to many people’s layouts!

Lots of Models!

I haven’t touched on 009 gauge ready to run models either, which are being produced by Peco (for rolling stock), Heljan and Bachmann. That is the icing on the cake because as you can see, there are many models on their way!  It is a very exciting time with new announcements being made more and more frequently.  I wonder what will come next… time will tell!

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