London Transport Pannier

One of the worst kept secrets of steam locomotive colour schemes was discovered a long time before Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle (click here for more).  It is a secret that many of a western persuasion would probably keep to themselves… The  secret being that Great Western Railway locomotives painted red look very good.

Buckfastleigh, South Devon Railway 2014

If you ask a railway enthusiast to name a great locomotive works, you could get many replies.  Doncaster, Derby, Swindon, Crewe, Eastleigh, St Rollox, Darlington, Brighton… a list could on and on.  But these days things are different, most of the former works have declined, disappeared or evolved into a new use.  However, there are…


As promised when we looked at posters, railwayana and other details (click here for more) at Buckfastleigh, this is the report looking at a site visit to Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway,  that include photographs of 1366 class pannier tank 1369 in steam, as well as other locomotives, both steam and diesel..

A day out on the South Devon Railway Part 2 – Staverton and Totnes

Following from the previous post is a continuation of the journey along the South Devon Railway from Staverton to Totnes Littlehempston.  We start with the very picturesque rural branchline station of Staverton. Staverton is a smal rural atation with a short platform, so if you wish to get off, make sure you are in a correct carriage (usually the first two…