2013 South Devon Railway - Buckfastleigh - GWR 1366 Pannier Tank Class - 1369As promised when we looked at posters, railwayana and other details (click here for more) at Buckfastleigh, this is the report looking at a site visit to Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway,  that include photographs of 1366 class pannier tank 1369 in steam, as well as other locomotives, both steam and diesel..2013 South Devon Railway - Buckfastleigh - GWR 49xx Hall Class - 4920 Dumbleton Hall We start above with the now familiar sight of GWR 4920 Dumbleton Hall sitting in a siding awaiting funds to finance it’s overhaul.  Another familiar sight below is of Peckett 0-4-0ST Lady Angela that can be found in a siding adjacent to the cafe and shop.

On the Diesel front, we have classes 09, 20, 25, 33 and 37 – quite a lineup for a quiet branch-line station!

Buckfastleigh has a large works and running shed, though public access to it is a little restricted due to health and safety concerns.  That said, there’s always something to be seen!  First we have 57xx pannier tank 5786 in it’s London Transport guise, numbered L.92.  This pannier tank was in service with London Transport into the 1970’s and it’s livery is really beautiful!  This steam engine is in working order, but on the day visited it was not in service.

2013 South Devon Railway - Buckfastleigh - GWR 57xx 0-6-0PT (5786) (London Transport L.92)Another glimpse in the shed reveals 4575 Prairie tank locomotive 5526 (below).  This is also in working condition, but was not in service on the day.

2013 South Devon Railway - Buckfastleigh - GWR 4575 class 2-6-2T 5526Although cosmetically in good condition, the next locomotive, Hunslet Austerity Glendower is not in working order.  Glendower was given a fresh coat of paint just over two years ago.

2013 South Devon Railway - Buckfastleigh - Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0ST GlendowerThe final locomotive we look at on-shed is clearly not in serviceable condition!  14xx class 1420 is a classic Great Western branch-line locomotive, very much at home at Buckfastleigh.  The locomotive is push-pull fitted and designed to work with autocoaches, which allow the driver to control the locomotive from the autotrailer carriage.  This dispenses with the need for turn-around facilities.

2013 South Devon Railway - Buckfastleigh - GWR 14xx class 0-4-2T 1420 (4820)In service on the day were the South Devon Railway’s Collett Goods locomotive (click here for more) and pannier tank 1369.This is an unusual outside cylinder pannier tank engine and was built in 1934.  It’s intended role was as a shunter and spent some time in this role at Swindon works.  The later years of it’s life were spent working the Weymouth Quay branch, where it acquired it’s bell due to the tram-like nature of that branch-line.  It eventually found a home on the Wadebridge branch as a “modern” replacement for the Beattie well-tanks.  I’ve added a gallery of pictures of 1369 below for you to look through at your leisure!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief tour of Buckfastleigh.  To read more about the site including the museum, the area around the station and the railway, , please check out last year’s blog post (click here to read more).

2013 South Devon Railway - Buckfastleigh - GWR 1366 Pannier Tank Class - 1369

Thanks for reading folks! 🙂

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  1. Some very nice photos in the collection. I have never seen a Pannier with outside cylinders prior to this posting ! Fantastic.


    • Cheers, glad you liked it. The pannier is very much a unique machine, the outside cylinders make it very different to the many other variations of pannier tank classes. Plus, of course, a bell!


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