London Transport Pannier

One of the worst kept secrets of steam locomotive colour schemes was discovered a long time before Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle (click here for more).  It is a secret that many of a western persuasion would probably keep to themselves… The  secret being that Great Western Railway locomotives painted red look very good.

Buckfastleigh, South Devon Railway 2014

If you ask a railway enthusiast to name a great locomotive works, you could get many replies.  Doncaster, Derby, Swindon, Crewe, Eastleigh, St Rollox, Darlington, Brighton… a list could on and on.  But these days things are different, most of the former works have declined, disappeared or evolved into a new use.  However, there are…

56xx 5643

56xx 5643 was one of three locomotives in steam on the day I visited the Bluebell Line (click here to read more).  The others being SECR H class 263 and SECR C class 592.  The locomotive is on loan to the Bluebell Line from the Furness Rail Trust until December 2014.

“Back to Black” The ‘Didn’t quite make its’

  The next locomotive in the series from Simon’s 35005 ‘Canadian Pacific’ is 35006 ‘Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.’ (usually called P&O!) and is a rebuilt Merchant Navy Class. During its working life it had a very similar life to Canadian Pacific being rebuilt some time in the 50’s. 35005 was of course bought by Steamtown…

Not quite “Back to Black” 4575 class 5542

  5542 is a very popular engine full of character, known to many as the “Sweet sixteen” (sum of its digits) or the PFP (Planet’s favourite prairie)  it is a regular runner to the GWSR, as well as many other lines including the South Devon Railway and the West Somerset Railway. Somehow I managed to…