Model of the Week – Locoyard’s Christmas Pannier Tank 2779 class 2783

Locoyard's Red and Gold Pannier Tank pull's away with a delivery of presents. However shortly after the picture was taken, the venerable locomotive failed! A replacement Christmas locomotive is needed!The model of the week blog posts are beginning to come to an end, as there are only so many models in the Locoyard Collection.  Today’s model is the layout’s model that has been repainted in maroon and gold to be used at Christmas time, so it’s only right that we look at it now!  This history is open will have some objections, as many sources claim that this locomotive was scrapped in 1947.  However, Santa Claus has other ideas…

The Christmas Pannier Tank is back in service, caught in the glowing red sun of a Christmas Sunrise!2783 is a member of Dean’s Great Western Railway 2779 class and was built in Swindon at the turn of the century, entering service in 1901 as a saddle tank engine.  It was one of 22 members of this sub-class of the 2721 class.  The differed from other 2721’s in having larger cylinders.

Hornby Pannier 2783 (2)Weighing 45 tons 13 cwt the class were a couple of ton’s lighter than their more modern and numerous relative, the 57xx class.

Locoyard Christmas 2012 (Delivery by Red and Gold Pannier Tank 2783)Some members of the class were given enclosed cab’s and despite this modification the class were eventually all replaced by more modern type’s.

Locoyard Christmas 2012 - Santa Claus cab rideIt was then, according to the history book’s that the class were all destroyed.  However at locoyard, we know a secret!

Locoyard Christmas Pannier 2783 - The Holidays are Coming - Movember Thomas the Tank EngineFather Christmas is known to live in the North Pole in a magical world and although this is true to an extent, he does depend on using an industrial approach to keep up with the many presents to be delivered.  Lapland does have a railway and on that line are some old relics, including this steam locomotive!

Locoyard Christmas 2012 - Santa Claus collects presents at Goods ShedOriginally painted Great Western Railway green, 2783 is now maroon and gold.  A seasonal favourite, it can always be seen running around locoyard at this time of year!

Locoyard Christmas Return Train to the North Pole waiting for Santa to board steamI hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this festive steam engine.  The model is a redecorated elderly Hornby model – click here for the model review.

Hornby 2721 class 2783 Pannier Tank repainted in Maroon and gold

Hornby 2721 class 2783 Pannier Tank repainted in Maroon and gold

Links to other model of the week articles can be found in the Loco Model Page (click here to see more).  Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow morning to open the next advent calendar too! Thanks for reading folks 🙂

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