Bachmann’s 2013 Range

Bachmann-textAs a model railway brand; Bachmann have proven themselves to be real heavyweights.  The past few years have seen them produce models for the mainstream that would not have seemed possible a few years ago, particularly when it comes to model locomotive’s that sit in the spectrum between high-end express and low-budget shunters; an area where Hornby only dabbles. 

Hornby’s 2013 range included some massive prototypes – LNER 2-8-2 P2, the legendary GWR Star, 8P Pacific Duke of Gloucester, with the GWR Hall being the least glamorous (albeit a Harry Potter Star!)  Bachmann seems more engaged with the steam enthusiast who wants more variety with good quality tank engines, prototypes never seen (ready to run) in model form, 0-6-0’s, mixed traffic and freight types.  Naturally, the announcement of Bachmann’s 2013-14 range has been hotly anticipated as a result.

Bluebell Railway -  Sheffield Park - LBSCR E4 class B473 (Birch Grove) & C class 592As usual with new range announcements, this blog post will not reproduce the details of the new range; which was announced at 10AM this morning.  I’m sure most of readers blog have seen this and are already considering the potential damage to their bank accounts in the next 18 months!  If you want to read the details, go to Bachmann’s website (click here) or check out RM Web (click here).  That said; there are few golden nuggets to pick out – firstly the new model prototypes, including the LBSCR E4 0-6-2 tank (see above), the Midland class 1F 0-6-0 tank, Stanier’s mogul and the GWR 64xx pannier tank (see below).  Also of interest are a Wickham Type 27 Trolley Car (see bottom picture) and a new DCC chassis for the LNER V2/3 tank engine.

South Devon Railway (Buckfastleigh) GWR Pannier Tank 64xx class 6430 (3)There also some interesting rolling stock releases such as SECR 60′ birdcage stock that will be fantastic to be haul behind the already released SECR C class.  Other releases include  an LMS District Engineers saloon, a BR autocoach and a complete retool of their Thompson carriages – no surprise after so many Hornby Thompson releases in the last couple of years.

2013 Great Spring Steam Gala - Watercress Line - Medstead & Four Marks - Wagon WorksReaction’s to the range are (as ever) mixed, as you can not please everyone all of the time.  But personally, I am very happy – the LBSCR E4 and SECR Birdcage coaches being highlights.  Given the decent RRP’s of the new releases, Bachmann continue to lead the way in terms of value, being less money than equivalent Hornby super-detail models.  As ever, judgement has to be reserved until we see result’s from Hornby’s “designed clever” approach; but that said, there is little difference in price between these high specification Bachmann models and their arguably designed cheap Hornby competitors.

What are your thoughts on the new range?  Feel free to share them if you wish!  Until tomorrow, thanks for reading folks!