Hornby 2016 Range

Well I was not expecting this to come today!  With the model railway community preparing for the possibility of announcements at the forthcoming Warley National Model Railway Exhibition (this weekend), today Hornby have chosen today to announce their 2016 range!Hornby Peckett r3428

Having barely looked through, it’s difficult to make a full assessment, but it’s interesting to see the versions of the first versions of the unrebuilt Merchant Navy class (with a BR early version of the ever popular Clan Line), a Southern Railway liveried Adams Radial, a SE&CR liveried terrier, a four pack of LNER apple green locomotives (including the holly grail – an apple green A4 class) and predictably a BR green version of 60103 Flying Scotsman, looking just like the real thing will in a few months.

As far as I can see there’s little in the way of new toolings other than a SR cattle van and a BR 20t Coke wagon.  It seems that Hornby generally announce these through their “Engine Shed” blog these days.  But it’s nevertheless an impressive looking year for the firm as they continue with their renewed momentum – well in the UK at least.  Now I just need a model railway….

Full details can be found on the following link:



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