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Tonight we are looking at the latest news from Oxford Rail where they announced they will be releasing a Deans Goods in OO gauge.  The 0-6-0 GWR 2301 ‘Deans Goods’ Class of locomotives were designed by William Dean and built at the Great Western Swindon railway works between 1883 – 1899. In all 260 were constructed and although originally intended as freight locomotives several were later to be used for passenger service most notably in Wales. Several of the Class were used in France and other countries during both World Wars, many returning to the UK after hostilities had ceased. Oxford Rails will be releasing 3 versions with 2309 being in the GWR (Lined) livery, 2409 in the BR (Early) Black livery and 2475 in the GWR Unlined Green livery. The locos will feature smooth Running 5 Pole motor, pick ups on all drive wheels and rear wheels plus front and rear tender wheel sets, high definition livery specification, separately fitted detail components, motor Gearing to reflect scale speed operation, highly detailed cab interior, NEM Couplings and will be DCC Ready.

2013 - STEAM Museum of the GWR - Swindon - GWR 2301 Dean Goods Class - 2516

Having modelled the GWR on my railway layout I will be very interested to see how this model develops until then thanks for reading.

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  1. “pickups and all drive wheels and rear wheels” – what rear wheels are those then?… 🙂


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