8750 Class Pannier Tank 3738 at Didcot Halt

During last week’s visit to Didcot Railway Centre, British Standard 7MT 70000 Britannia was not the only locomotive in steam.  On another demonstration line, pulling an auto-coach was GWR black liveried 8750 class pannier tank 3738.  This locomotive was operated from “Didcot Halt”, a faithful recreation of a GWR branchline.

A Great Western themed attraction would not be complete without a branchline!  The locomotive was running in fine form and had no problem hauling this short one carriage train.

This will be the final post from this visit to Didcot (click here for the previous post), however it is not the end of GWR themed posts as tomorrow I will begin recollecting a fantastic GWR day from my younger years.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for reading!