Alresford Station on the Watercress Line

Today’s post has taken inspiration from fellow Tweeter Nick Littlewood (@NickPLittlewood) who very regularly posts interesting exerts from publications, pictures, posters that are railway related.  If you have an interest in railways, Nick is a fantastic person to follow on twitter!  He manages to find a large range and quantity of interesting railway material to share.  With this in mind, I thought I’d put together an article that looks at examples of some of the details that make visiting a preserved line so special.

The philosophy here is that there is more to railways than trains.  Obviously for me and many others out there, the train is the star, but that said there is plenty else of interest.  Station buildings, structures, posters and equipment all hark back to a lost era.  Preserved railways are known as Heritage Railways for a good reason and I wanted to begin to illustrate the point today.

So without further ado, here are a few pictures taken at Alresford Station on the Watercress line and note, there is not a train in sight!

Once a much more common sight, in the time before cattle lorries had taken over transporting livestock was the cattle dock (above).