Mid-Hants Autumn Steam Spectacular 2011 – The Home Fleet

As promised in yesterdays post, today we will see the Watercress Line’s home fleet in action at last years Autumn Steam Spectacular.  As mentioned previously, the weather was terrible, but it made for some great photograph opportunities.  All three locomotives illustrated here will be running at this weekend’s Autumn Steam Spectacular 2012 – the full line-up can be found here.  Not illustrated here is resident black 5 45379 that was also running on the day along with the visitors shown in yesterdays blog post.  We begin with U class 31806, blowing its safety valve in Ropley with a demonstration works train, illustrated above and below.

The U class is pictured again below, this time in Alton.

Next we have British Railways standard class 9F 92212, in Alresford above and Alton below.

Finally we have the National Collection’s 4-60 850 Lord Nelson, illustrated above and below.