Hornby Schools Class Front Bogey Misbehaving

The biggest and only significant criticism that the review of  Hornby’s super-detailed schools class found was the problematic front bogey.  It isn’t alone in this respect and I have two other Hornby model’s out of service because of this – the rebuilt West Country class and T9.  Given that the real schools class 925 Cheltenham is due to be launched into service  tomorrow, I thought it high-time that I sort out my 00 scale version.

The picture above  illustrates the problem area.  The spring and bracket that links the bogey to the chassis was too strong, making it ride high when traversing corners and often derailing as a result.  Fixing it is fairly simple and can involve either unscrewing the bogey and then shortening the suspension spring or simply gently bending the metal bracket.  This has to be done in a delicate way and by very small adjustments with regular testing so that you keep the alterations and therefore potential risk of permanently damaging the model to a minimum.  I found I needed to both shorten the spring and bend the suspension bracket.  The model runs far more reliably now and is back in service and running around the circuit.

For my followers who are more interested in my model related articles, I apologise for the lack of model-related blog posts recently.  With all the recent visits to steam railways, there’s not been much activity happening on the layout.  Now that summer (?!) is over, I suspect the usual balance of articles will resume soon; once the Watercress Line’s Autumn steam spectacular is reported on and once I catch up on a few other items from the past few weeks.   Many thanks for reading locoyard followers 🙂