SECR C Class 592 on the Bluebell Railway

After looking at Ex-LBSCR E4 class B473 and Southern U class 1638 we now complete the round-up of locomotives that were in steam when visiting the Bluebell Railway on the 26th August.  In my opinion we have left the best to last – South Eastern and Chatham Railway’s C class 592.  If you have enjoyed reading this, there has been another blog post published  (click here) illustrated with pictures of 592 taken in 2009.

This locomotive is the last survivor of a class that once totaled no less than 109 locomotives.  In terms of 0-6-0 tender locomotive classes this is by no means a large number and I fully intend to write a blog post about the humble 0-60  in the future!  Harry Wainwright’s  C class was a fairly typical inside cylinder 0-6-0 of its day, although it’s fantastic livery did, as it does now; set it apart from the crowd.

For such an elegant locomotive class, it is a real shame that 592 is the only survivor.  But equally, it is incredible that it has survived, as 0-6-0’s are woefully unrepresented preservation.  The majority of C class locomotives were used excessively during the second world war.  For this reason, most had been retired before the mass scrapping of Dr Beeching’s era and before preservation movements had started.  592 was an exception, as were two other members of its class that survived as works shunters at Ashford until 1966.

The Bluebell Railway’s C class is preserved in the intricate lined SECR green.  In my opinion, locomotive liveries don’t come any more beautiful than this!  I await the forthcoming 00 scale model release from Bachmann with great anticipation, it will be fantastic when I get a chance to run it around the layout.  Update!  The model has now been produced, click here for the review!