Sheffield Park Engine Shed 2009

Last week we had a look at rebuilt Battle of Britain Class 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair in steam on the Bluebell Railway, this week we return to Sheffield Park in 2009 to have a look at a few other locomotives to be found in the engine shed.  We begin with the unique Maunsell Q class 541 0-6-0 locomotive (above and below), that at the time was lined up with U class 1618 and standard 4MT tank 80064.  541 is currently being overhauled back into working condition.

The railway’s two terrier tank engines were on display at the entrance of the engine shed, each sporting different LBSCR colours.

672 Fenchurch was in Marsh’s Umber brown livery.  The locomotive had been converted back to A1 condition – note the shorter smokebox and condensing pipes.

Whilst these pictures were taken, ex-GWR Dukedog 9017 and rebuilt Bulleid light pacific 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair were being prepared for service.

55 Stepney was painted in the wonderful Stroudley “improved engine green”, a livery that is of stark contrast to the Austere colours of the Nationalised British Railway liveried locomotives in the background.  Finally we turn our attention deeper back into the shed, this time looking at LSWR Adams radial tank 488 and unrebuilt West Country pacific, 21C123 Blackmoor Vale.

Tomorrow Locoyard is set to start celebrating Halloween.  You have been warned!