Locomotives on Display at Sheffield Park – part 2

Following from the post earlier in the week are a few more photographs of locomotives on display at the engine sheds at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway.  We start with two views of the unique LSWR Adams radial tank 488 – a beautiful locomotive.

Judging by the prices that kit-built model versions of this locomotives are sold for at auction’s, I’m sure it would be a popular ready to run model if it were available.  It is rumored that Bachmann have been looking at producing a 00 scale version, something I await to see in anticipation!  In the meantime, Hornby have long produced a rtr version of the West Country class pacific (below); another treasure of the Bluebell Railway’s collection.

21C123 Blackmoor Vale looks very striking in Southern Railway lined malachite green colours, something that sets it apart from the vast majority of other preserved examples of this class.

Locoyard does of course have this particular member of the class in its model fleet.  It is always a pleasure to see the real thing; hopefully it will be returned into working order in the future.  For this to happen, the locomotive’s owners (The Bulleid Society) need to raise at least £150,000 for a new inner firebox.

The final set pictures are of the Bluebell Railway’s schools class V – 928 Stowe.  One of three remaining survivors of the class; this locomotive shares the malachite green livery of 925 Cheltenham of National Collection (based on the Watercress line).

928 Stowe is the only surviving member of its class that is not in working order.  The Maunsell Locomotive Society aim to start work on this locomotive once either/both S15 class 847 and/or Q class 541 are working again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the selection of pictures taken in Sheffield Park’s engine shed.  I think you’ll agree that railway is an Aladdin’s Cave for a steam enthusiast and would urge anyone who has yet to visit the line to do so; it is definitely worth it!