Fixing the Hornby T9

Quite possibly the most complimented and most criticised model locomotive on this blog is the Hornby T9.  This fantastic looking model has a level of detail that as far as I’ve seen is yet to be beaten in 00 scale.  The same can not be said for its performance.  I’ve spent some time trying to get to the bottom of the problem and at long last have taken a giant leap forward.

The main problem is the engine body that has a habit of riding at an angle. which pulls the traction tyres away from the track.  Some of the first batches of these models suffered from a defective front bogey which was attributed as the cause of the problem.  However this model is not of the early batches and should not suffer from this particular problem and even though the symptoms were similar my attempts to correct the bogey lead to no marked improvement.

After many attempts to get it working properly, the solution to the performance and haulage problem now seems shockingly simple!  The tender is weighted for balance, however this weight has an influence on the model body – it pulled the cab down and therefore  pulled the front of the model too high and shifted the weight of the model onto the rear driving wheels (these do not have traction tyres).  Removing the weights from the tender (above) corrected this balance issue and also improved the derailing front bogey issue.  So now the T9 is doing something I thought impossible before – effortlessly pulling a rake of four Maunsell carriages around Locoyard.  Happy Days!