Model of the Week – LBSCR E2 class – 100

Locoyard super detailed Hornby LBSCR E2 tank 100 (shunting)

Once again it is model of the week time!  This week’s featured model is Locoyard’s own custom-detailed and modified version of Hornby’s LBSCR  E2 tank 100.  So let’s look at the simple shunting locomotive behind the model, of which one of it’s cousins would become a star…

Locoyard 2013 - Hornby - LBSCR E2 class - 100 - 1st Anniversary trainJust ten locomotive’s of LBSCR’s class E2 were built from 1913-1916.  They were the first design of Lawson Billington and 100 was the first member of the class and would have been finished in this model’s LBSCR Umber livery.  Unlike the later member’s of the class, 100 did not have extended side tanks, but all members of the class had the curved drop and slotted frames.

Super detailed Hornby E2 tank engine 100 at Sheffield ParkThe E2 class were designed for shunting or goods trains; task’s they performed well at.  An experiment in 1914 to convert two into push-pull fitted passenger locomotives was not successful however, as their small bunkers restricted their range.

Locoyard 2013 - Hornby - LBSCR E2 class - 100LBSCR was absorbed into the Southern Railway in the grouping in 1923 and 100 became 2100.  In the late 1930’s the class were given the task of bringing in the stock for the “night Ferry” and banking it out of Victoria.  I wonder if this role was inspiration for Thomas the Tank engine, as he was introduced in Rev W Awdry’s Railway series, who started his life banking Gordon’s express train!

Locoyard 2013 - Hornby - LBSCR E2 class - 100 - 1st Anniversary trainAt nationalisation in 1948, 2100 became 32100 and was based at Stewarts Lane (shed code 73A).  The class would prove to be useful in BR days and 32100 finished working Southampton docks.  It was withdrawn in 1961 and scrapped the following year.  Unfortunately none of the class survived.

Locoyard super detailed Hornby LBSCR E2 tank 100Unless of course, you count Thomas the Tank Engine.  The E2 class became the inspiration for Thomas the Tank engine and elevated the class from relative obscurity to worldwide fame.  Thomas is also a member of the locoyard model fleet and his story is told here.

Locoyardfest 2012 (LBSCR)Hornby’s model tooling for the E2 was converted to produce Thomas the Tank engine in the 1980’s, but secondhand model’s are plentiful and share the same type 7 06-6-0 motor chassis as modern models, meaning that the old models can be given brand new “boots” if required.

Super detailed E2 tank cab detailThis model was the result of an extensive detailing project so is quite different to the original model.  That said, the old model is no worse than many modern budget models and significantly better than the “modern” J83 model!

Hornby E2 class 100I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about one of my favourite models in the locoyard collection.  Links to other model of the week articles can be found in the Loco Model Page (click here to see more).

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