Locoyard’s 1st Anniversary!

Locoyard 2013 - Hornby - LBSCR E2 class - 100Today’s celebration is actually a day late, as yesterday marked Locoyard’s first anniversary of blogging.  Now strictly speaking it is not the website’s birthday, as the early days of Locoyard’s blog were before http://www.locoyard.com existed, but the day needed to be celebrated nevertheless!

Locoyard 2013 - Hornby - LBSCR E2 class - 100 - 1st Anniversary trainTo celebrate, Locoyard’s old Hornby London Brighton and South Coast Railway E2 class locomotive 100 was finally inaugurated into the fleet.  Some of you may remember the model featured in part two of the models on static display series last year.  The model was an almost finished super-detailing project – the only thing left to do was to get it working!  The following things were added – an air pump, a smokebox door dart, a condensing pipe, route disc irons, riveting around the smokebox, cab spectacles and glazing, plus internal cab details.  It was also re-painted.  This has created a far better model than the original of 1980’s vintage.  The only thing it lacked was a working chassis.  Happily this would be an easy thing to source, as the old model shares Hornby’s standard 0-6-0 chassis that it still uses.  Before Christmas, a very cheap brand new Hornby Railroad Jinty was purchased as a donor model.  The chassis was used at first for the Christmas pannier tank engine, but now it has finally been fitted to the E2 class, where it will stay.  Therefore the E2 class now has brand-new China-built working chassis which performs very nicely!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all readers, followers and contributors who have made the past year of blogging so much fun!  Don’t forget that if you wish to contribute, Guest Blog Posts are very welcome – contact the yard for more details.