Joining the Locoyard

Hello readers of the Locoyard Blog!

My name is Jonathan Malton and I am a new member of the team! My passion for railways has been about since I was very young, mainly through the certain works of the Rev Awdrey. As Dave has already stated, I run a YouTube channel of locomotive and tram action across the country.

So, what will I be writing about?

Well, my videos will be published here, and every so often, I will do a blog post discussing any railway news. There will be railway history as well, so a mix of everything that I can discuss with my new found and growing audience.

As obligatory, I will state that my heritage railway where I visit the most is the North Norfolk Railway, in Sheringham, and many of you would know that Weybourne Station is where the infamous scene in Dad’s Army with the Royal Train. “The Kings Coming, don’t panic!”

Even though I was born in the LNER region, I love all of the Big Four companies, so I will not be biased to any particular railway company.

Also, as I have a model railway, I will be discussing model locos which I think deserve some form of praise.

So I would like to thank Dave of the Locoyard for allowing me to joining this growing railway blog, and to my readers, I hope you join me on this journey of Railways, past, present and future!

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