Locoyard Model Railway January 2016 Update

Here we are in 2016, almost 2 years since the original locoyard model railway was dismantled and still there’s no version 2. But we’re getting closer!

In December an update for the model railway was published in the link at the foot of this blog post and since then there’s been progress. On a Saturday earlier in the month I spent several hours hiding from heavy rainfall in the garage, cutting and constructing the final baseboard frame. This means that with the addition of plywood and construction of legs we’ll finally have the foundations for the layout.

Baseboard frame

So now I’m closer than ever to having the foundations of a model railway! Just some legs/supports and some more plywood and then the real fun will begin!

Locoyard - Hornby Southern Railways Ex-LSWR M7 tank 51

After countless deliberating, I’ll be sticking with my familiar collection of Southern Railway stock to operate, circa 1930.  It will be great to be running model trains again in (hopefully) the not too distant future?

Hornby N15 class 736 Excalibur (2)To read the previous update that includes a plan, please click here.

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