Final call for a blue Tornado

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Tomorrow 60163 Tornado will be charging down the Great Western Mainline hauling the Devon Belle. What makes this trip special is that it will be the last time she will haul  mainline passenger trains whilst wearing the British Railway’s Express Blue livery, at least for the foreseeable future . Both myself and Dave have seen the A1 pacific beast in the blue livery and are big fans and we aren’t the only ones, at the start of last year LocoYard ran a poll asking “What is your favourite colour that 60163 Tornado has been painted in?” with BR Express Blue coming second to LNER Apple Green. So today as a tribute I have posted some of our favorite photos of her wearing this livery before she returns to the BR Apple green.

 Tornado at Salisbury in May 2013.

Tornado at Winchester hauling a Cathedrals Express in December 2012. I’m actually in the photo … 10 points will be awarded to Gryffindor if some correctly IDs me.

Tornado at Ropley, just before the Autumn Steam in 2013.

Two mainline stars together at Ropley during the rain soaked 2013 Autumn Gala


Tornado at the Mid Hants in her Apple Green livery she will soon appear in.

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9 thoughts on “Final call for a blue Tornado

  1. I’m kinda disappointed she never came to Carlisle in blue. I would have loved to have seen her personally in this livery. Still, she wore the light green well when she came here in 2009.


    • We were lucky that her second run in the blue was to Winchester so we were able to see her, plus a MHR gala appearance meant for some good close up shots. I got to admit the Apple Green livery is my favourite one for Tornado.


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